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  • What is CBCP?

    Croydon Business Crime Reduction Partnership is a proactive partnership between businesses, including the police, Croydon Council, transport providers and other business crime reduction schemes across the UK.

    The primary aims of the partnership are to:

  • Prevent and detect crime
  • Reduce the fear of crime
  • Reduce and prevent criminality, anti-social behaviour and alcohol related violence and disorder
  • Help in the apprehension and prosecution of offenders
  • Strengthen partnership working with businesses, community, police, council and other key agencies
  • Create a safe and secure Town Centre for customers, staff and visitors to Croydon
  • Achieve the Safer Shopping Award

    How does the partnership work?

    The success of the scheme focuses on improving communication between local businesses, the police, neighbourhood enforcement officers and other key organisations.

    Members complete incident forms online and the Business Crime Reduction Manager records, analyses and disseminates this information.

    A weekly e-newsletter is produced to keep members up-to-date with information about persistent offenders and crime trends. The National Business Information System (NBIS) is used to identify and target persistent offenders and troublemakers who commit the majority of crime. NBIS holds details of incidents, sightings and other intelligence to complement existing police systems. Police photographs are also used to identify these individuals and disrupt any criminal activity.

  • Members submit intelligence reports
  • Crime trends and offenders Identified
  • Intelligence shared with police council and other business crime partnerships
  • Offenders are targeted
  • Exclusion notices are issued to offenders
  • Intelligence update and E-News sent to members

    All of the information collected helps to drive the exclusion notice scheme which excludes persistent and prolific offenders and troublemakers from members' premises, and deters criminals from the area.

    Why do we need a business crime reduction partnership in Croydon?

    A business crime reduction partnership will help to reduce crime in the area and improve safety for businesses, visitors and residents in the borough.

    It is estimated that it costs £19 billion a year and around 25% of all recorded crime takes place in and around Town Centres. These statistics are bad for investment and employment if not addressed, resulting in a downward cycle of Town Centre degeneration.

    Crime and fear of crime has a negative effect on the quality and use of our Town Centre and this is why Croydon is taking action to ensure we remain safe and secure for everyone.

    Safer Business Award

    The partnership hopes to achieve the Safer Shopping Award accreditation, which is a scheme that recognises good practice and is available to business crime reduction partnerships. Gaining this award will support economic growth and encourage visitors into the Town Centre through positive publicity.

    How do I join?

    Membership is free to any business organisation operating within the borough of Croydon.

    CBCP is a not for profit organisation and membership costs are funded by the Croydon Business Improvement District. To join, all you need to do is contact the Business Crime Reduction Manager.

    How do I get in touch?

    You can contact us at: 020 8603 0050 or click here to email the Business Crime Reduction Manager with any questions.

    To contact Police in an emergency call 999 and for non-emergencies call 101.


    Croydon Business Crime Reduction Partnership works in Partnership with: The Metropolitan Police, Croydon Council, Safer Croydon Partnership, and Croydon Business Improvement District

    © Croydon Business Crime Reduction Partnership

  • What are the benefits of joining CBCP?

    There are several benefits of joining the partnership, including:

  • Access to a secure website 24 hours a day
  • View photographs and information about criminals online
  • Access to intelligence on criminal activity
  • Be part of the exclusion notice scheme
  • Reduction in stock loss
  • Your staff feel safe at work
  • Free training and networking opportunities
  • Free window stickers and promotional materials